DP&P is organized to offer professional skills of high quality to the client, both public and private. In fact the Firm is structured to give the client a single point of contact for the various aspects of the construction of architecture design and to do so it uses specific skills for architectural, engineering and structural design.
Beside that it is organized to follow also complementary aspects that are required for the control and management of entrepreneurial initiative, also for what it concerns financial advice. Over time it has seen the need for more and more specific interdisciplinary collaborations, in particular with regard to research and economic planning for the intervention, feasibility studies, funds founding for both the design and production of the work.
To address this need and to provide the client even a further high quality service and skills, DP&P Firm relies on the collaboration of Mr. Filippo Fornasiero founder of Dimensione Studio Firm in Padua. Mr. Fornasiero, person of great experience in business and financial sector, is able not only to evaluate the business plan of the initiative but also to identify and analyze possible sources of funding. This flexibility allows the client to evaluate all aspects of the operation and eventually correct the financial programming lines in order to limit, as much as possible, the unexpected.
DP&P Firm is active even in the environmental engineering sector. In particular it has collaborated with the Venice Water Authority, with the Consorzio Nuova Venezia, with Veneto Agricoltura and with the proprietary of the most important fish farms of the Lagoon of Venice. It’s also active in the Lagoon of Marano and Grado with significant designs for embarkments and water defense works. In the past one of the partners, Eng. Chiodin, also worked with ENEL at the thermal power plant in Civitavecchia for the realization of an experimental system of fish farming.
The professionals who work within DP&P allow you also to address more specialized aspects of designing as understood in the broadest sense of the term. For this reason they work with “geometri”, biologists, engineers and geologists who, each for his own competence, play a valuable team work. In particular these professionals do the following jobs: Evaluation of Environmental Impact; Environmental Impact Assessments; geological and hydrogeological investigations; land registry; coordination for safety on construction sites; fire prevention; environmental sustainability.

DP&P also performs Biased Technical Advices for the specific skills acquired.