carlo chiodin

Carlo Chiodin

Dr. Engineer, graduated in Padua in 1978, specialized in hydraulic and thermal engineering with a passion for the environment and architectural forms in it inserted. He featured many important projects of civil and industrial plants, both for private and Public Companies, always with a particular attention to environmental aspects, proper use of renewable energy and the reduction of emissions.

Among the main clients: ENEL (Center for Thermal and Nuclear research), Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (multiple plant projects both in prestigious buildings and in large office complexes, EDP, etc.), Consorzio Venezia Nuova (for the Venice Water Authority), Acque Minerali San Benedetto (industrial plants), Ascopiave S.P.A. (new headquarter in Pieve di Soligo), Zacchello Group in Venice (large real estate projects, Malls, Hotel Crowne Plaza “Stabiae Sorrento Coast”, Multiplex Cinemas etc.); Companies (I.M.A., Riello, Roncato, Martini, Stefanel, Monti, Visocchi, Marzotto, etc.); Religious institutions and communities (Suore Francescane Elisabettine, Istituto Don Bosco); Comune di Treviso e Comune di Zero Branco; Veneto Agricoltura (Regione Veneto) and many others.

In addition to the plants sector he has in his professional background many environmental engineering interventions, mainly in the Venice Lagoon and in extensive fish farms “Valli da Pesca”, in advanced and experimental aquaculture (plants for intensive production of marine species with the use of heated wastewater from thermal power plant in Civitavecchia for ENEL (italian energy provider), Experimental fishfarming and hatchery Center of Transimeno Lake, Experimental fishfarming and hatchery Center of Veneto Agricoltura (Regional Agriculture Authority) , etc.

In order to provide a more complete service to the client he has set up with arch. Gianluca Finco the company “DIMENSIONE PROGETTO”.

Within this structure he has worked in the recovery of valuable properties in the Lagoon of Venice and in the realization of “turnkey” projects.